Our prayer garden is for anyone who is seeking to be refreshed and inspired through God's wonderful creations in a nature setting and His Word. Our Prayer Garden has blessed many since its beginning, (read  testimonials below) but much more needs to be done and we know that together we can make it happen. The rise in our nation of mental illness, breakdown of families, and tragedies, has increased rampantly and we believe with our mission of ‘Hearts healing and growing one seed at a time’ via our prayer garden, we will not only impact our communities for good, but truly transform them here, and across our nation in an awesome way. At Maria's Gift 'A gift shop with a purpose', this is our vision and mission. 100% of Maria’s Gift proceeds are invested in and support this initiative. We have various photos taken from our garden and other places we have traveled  to for sell at www.mariasgift.net - Check us out today!

Here is how we see our Extraordinary Life Sanctuary GROWING: (Your purchase helps us GROW this work. Thank you!)

  • We need to build a small bridge over the creek to connect the two sides of the garden
  • Wheelchair Accessible Paths
  • Landscapers and design
  • Brick Pathways
  • Sitting Places
  • More Trees
  • Large Rocks (some with Bible verses)
  • Art Sculptures
  • Many more Inspirational signs using my photography (see link above)
  • Veterans corner and special acknowledgement corner for those who are currently serving
  • Prayer-Prayer-Prayer

In 2019 please support our efforts in spreading the good news of our Extraordinary Life Sanctuary. A place where others can be enriched by the love of God and fully understand that their life matters greatly and has amazing purpose!

Come visit the garden! By appointment only.

For more information about our prayer garden initiative contact us today. Please pray with us for this garden to truly flourish according to God’s plan and purpose.



Testimonials from Maria's Gift -all proceeds support Extraordinary Life Prayer Garden initiative.