*Maria is passionate about helping WOMEN OF ALL AGES discover and grow abundantly in God's plan for their lives. As an Author, Life Coach, Mentor, Personal Fitness Trainer for over 20 years, and Artisan, she has helped many women understand God's calling and purpose and how to see every challenge as a stepping stone to more extraordinary things. External link opens in new tab or windowFor more information, click here.

"Nothing is more adventurous and fulfilling than seeing God impacting all of life!"

*Since 2009, we have offered Faith Enrichment Days: Spending time in the Extraordinary Life Prayer Garden Sanctuary sharing topics to build on faith as we meet new friends, taking in God's wonderful creation. (We will reopen once upgrades and maintenance are complete. See Garden Fundraiser here.)

You can also schedule your ministry group or a group of friends to enjoy a personal enrichment day.

To schedule Maria Lopez to speak at your event or for more information contact us here:

Here are a few of Maria Lopez's teachings: